Statement for Brockley Open 2017 My interest is in found object assemblage and sculpture. The creation of these is a way of giving new life to ordinary objects. I love making them. I have to be continually on the lookout for that unique “thing” that can be connected to other “things” to make interesting, compelling … More

Found Object Sculpture

title: “Punks” title: “Combination Cheese-Grater, Mousetrap, and Recipe Holder” title: “Monument to Lost Ships and Butt Kissers” title: “Constable Country” title: “Cameraman” title: “Bear With Me” title: “Totem”  

Patricia Zontelli

Patricia Zontelli is the author of Red Cross Dog, winner of the Headlands Poetry Competition and finalist for the National Poetry Series, and Edith Jacobson Begins to Fly, a Minnesota Voices Project winner, both published by New Rivers Press. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in a number of journals, including Beloit Poetry … More Patricia Zontelli

Red Cross Dog

Patricia Zontelli Review of Red Cross Dog by Sarah Särah Nour in High Plains Reader, 2014 {.. Patricia Zontelli’s} Red Cross Dog, is an evocative, atmospheric, and beautifully written collection of poetry. Currently teaching art at the University of Wisconsin, Zontelli first established herself as a powerful writer with her first book of poems, Edith … More Red Cross Dog