My interest is in found object assemblage and sculpture. The creation of these is a way of giving new life to ordinary objects. I love making them. I have to be continually on the lookout for that unique “thing” that can be connected to other “things” to make interesting, compelling art that will hopefully move your emotions and instruct your intelligence. It is a way of giving artistic expression to recycled objects. Some of the pieces come together quickly but I find that with many, it takes a long time—sometimes months—to find just the right associative object that will spark it into life. Titles are important to most of the works, based on puns, a play on words, etc. Materials I’ve employed include broken violin parts, computer boards, doll’s heads, mannikin hands, plastic toys, etc I’ve found at car boot sales or on the side of the street.



title: “Punks”dscn2918

title: “Combination Cheese-Grater, Mousetrap, and Recipe Holder”


title: “Monument to Lost Ships and Butt Kissers”


title: “Constable Country”


title: “Cameraman”


title: “Bear With Me”


title: “Totem”


title: “Many Hands Make Light Work”
title: "Art Deco TV"
title: “Art Deco TV”
title: "iClock"
title: “iClock”
title: "1st iPad With 16 Apps"
title: “1st iPad With 16 Apps”
title: "Time Flies Like An Arrow, Fruit Flies Like A Banana"
title: “Time Flies Like An Arrow,
Fruit Flies Like A Banana”

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